AAE Courtship


Written by: Unknown

Edited by: All-About-AAE 2019


Note by the author: I have enjoyed watching AAE very much but I find that the courtship scenes between JDG n CR is too few. Hence, I tried my hand on writing and found that it is not an easy task. This is dedicated to all the writers and translators on this freeboard.



Xue Zhang asked, "Has Uncle gone back to the site?"


"Yes, he has driven off right after lunch. Xue Zhang, where are we going?" asked Sun Mi as she fastened her seat belt.


"It's a surprise. I'm glad that you are dressed for the right occasion. You are very pretty today," said Xue Zhang as he gives Sun Mi a wink.


"Only today!" exclaimed Sun Mi as she eyed her pink top with white jeans.


"Ah... Sun Mi, you know what I mean. To me, you are beautiful even when you are dressed in rags. Are you fishing for compliments?" teased Xue Zhang.


"Xue Zhang..." said Sun Mi with a blush.


You look very handsome yourself, thought Sun Mi quietly as Xue Zhang was dressed in white v-neck top that fits snugly on his body which emphasize his broad shoulders. It goes very well with his khaki coloured linen pants.


Half an hour after driving away from the city, Sun Mi asked again, "Xue Zhang, you have not told me where are we going."


"Haven't I told you that it is a surprise? Are you afraid that I am going to kidnap you? Since when have you became so long-winded? I might just change my mind and may not want to marry you if you nag like an aijimah," Xue Zhang teased with a grin.


"Xue Zhang..." Sun Mi's face is turning red.


"Why are you fanning your face? Alright, I won't tease you anymore. We are going for a picnic," said Xue Zhang.


"A picnic? But I haven't prepared anything. How can we have a picnic without any food?" asked Sun Mi.


"Sun Mi, if I have told you and knowing you, you would be busy preparing snacks and by the time you finished, you would be too exhausted to enjoy yourself," said Xue Zhang.


"Don't worry, I have come prepared. I have ordered a picnic basket from Hilton Hotel and it is in the boot. I wouldn't dare to starve my precious darling, right?" Xue Zhang said with a smile.


"Xue Zhang..." Sun Mi is lost for words.



* * * * * * *


They finally reached their destination. It is in fact a park that is off the beaten track from the main highway. After parking the car, they walked hand in hand into the woods with Xue Zhang holding the food basket and Sun Mi holding a mat. The path they walked on was pretty wide and clear, but occasionally a bush or a tree branch had to be brushed aside.


After about 15 minutes, they came out of the clearing of the trees. There in the open is just plain wilderness of green pastures which you can see in the far distance. It is really was another world here -- not a soul in sight, no noise pollution.


They decided to settle down a short distance from a lone tree. Both were quiet unpacking the food basket, each deep in their own thoughts. There were sushi, sandwiches, fruits juices, fresh strawberries, slices of New York cheese cake and a bottle of champagne.


When they settled comfortably on the mat enjoying the food, Sun Mi asked, "Xue Zhang, why did you pick this place?"


Xue Zhang replied, "You were afraid of being seen with me, afraid of gossips. Whenever I want to hold your hands, I have to look left and right in case someone might see us. Whenever I want to talk to you I have to whisper softly in case someone might hear us. Aiyo... Sun Mi, I am very tired. Your idea of keeping our relationship a secret is draining off my energy."


"Xue Zhang..." Sun Mi whispered softly, lost for words.


"It's okay, I am a patient man. But don't make me wait too long, alright?"


"C'mon, Sun Mi, give me a smile. Just for today, lets not think of anything but us." said Xue Zhang.


Sun Mi complained, "Wow, I can't eat anymore, I am too full. Xue Zhang, you have ordered too much food."


Xue Zhang replied, "I have not! Let's lie down and play clouds figuring and we can continue our meal later. I'm sure you will be hungry again."



Instead, Sun Mi fell asleep after a few minutes. She curled up on her side facing Xue Zhang with a smile on her face.


Xue Zhang was resting with one hand supporting his head looking at Sun Mi. He was admiring Sun Mi with love in his eyes. He felt very calm and peaceful -- Bliss. When he noticed that the gentle breeze is getting colder, he decided to go back to the car for a blanket to cover Sun Mi.


Sun Mi woke up with a start. Where is Xue Zhang? Where did he go to?


She looked around but could not see him. He must have gone for a walk, thought Sun Mi.


When she saw the tree, she suddenly got an idea. She got up and walked towards it.


The tree was a vast river red gum. Its lower branches were close enough to the ground to get a leg up and keep climbing, but the branches rose so high that you could get a stiff neck looking up.


"I bet I could see forever from that tree," Sun Mi said thoughtfully.


Sun Mi forgot to be nervous as soon as she set her foot on the first branch. She climbed with determination.


The tree was solid and comforting and the branches were spaced far enough apart to require concentration. There were handy forks to make resting places as she went, and the wide canopy of leaves was lovely under the setting sun.


Trees were made for climbing -- the higher the better. "This is far enough," said Sun Mi after climbing for about 10 feet above the ground. "WOW" with the glow of the setting sun on the horizon, Sun Mi could only think that this is the most peaceful and beautiful place to be in.


After a moment, she said to herself, "Now, let's see if I can see Xue Zhang from here."


She turned in seat and looked down.


Big mistake, fatal error!!! She stared down through the branches to the ground below and all of a sudden things started to spin, she closed her eyes fast.


Sun Mi opened her eyes again, and beads of sweat broke out on her forehead. She felt sick. She clung to the branch for dear life. Sun Mi's mouth was absolutely dry and she gave a choke of hysterical laughter -- then wrapped her arms very firmly around the branch she was sitting on and gripped on for dear life.


"Xue Zhang, where are you? Please appear quickly before my very eyes," prayed Sun Mi.


"Stupid! Stupid me! How can Xue Zhang appear in front of me unless he has a pair of wings? Great, now I am having a crazy conversation with myself," muttered Sun Mi.



"This is how life should be," thought Xue Zhang as he was walking back from the car with a blanket.


With a smile on his face, he was thinking that Sun Mi must be dreaming of him when she dozed off with a sweet expression on her face.


He stopped short when he saw that there was no Sun Mi sleeping on the mat waiting for him.


Now, where have she gone to? Could it be that she is hiding from me when she saw me approaching?


"Aha, a hide and seek game." Xue Zhang is beginning to think that courtship with Sun Mi will be very interesting indeed.


But where can she hide when there is nothing in the wilderness except that standalone tree, thought Xue Zhang.


"Good grief," when Xue Zhang realised that the person lying full length on the branch high in the tree, her arms and legs clinging like a sucker vine was Sun Mi.


He stood rooted to the ground, with heart pounding hard and fast, he looked up at Sun Mi.


"Oh my precious, what have you done to yourself?" thought Xue Zhang helplessly.


"Sun Mi," Xue Zhang called up softly so as not to frightened her unnecessarily in case she loses her grip on the tree branch.


"Xue Zhang, help me!!" cried Sun Mi softly.


"Hold on, Sun Mi. "I'm on my way up," said Xue Zhang.


"Please be careful, it is very high," said Sun Mi with her eyes still closed.


Xue Zhang reached her two minutes later and she didn't even see him come. By the time Xue Zhang touched her gently on the shoulder, Sun Mi was feeling sicker than she had ever felt in her life. Xue Zhang settled next to her.


"My precious Sun Mi, are you alright?" asked Xue Zhang.


Tears of weakness trickled out from under her eyelids and she couldn't wipe them away, for she was holding onto the branch tightly.


Xue Zhang did it for her. He leaned over and used his handkerchief to wipe her face, and then he was holding her shoulders, gently rubbing her neck.


"Sun Mi, it is ok now. You are safe. I am not going to let you fall," Xue Zhang's voice was gentle and reassuring even though his heart is still pounding like mad.


"Sun Mi, open your eyes slowing and look directly at me," ordered Xue Zhang.


"I want you to let go of the branch and let me hold you. Don't worry, I will never let go of you," said Xue Zhang gently.


He pulled her back into his arms. Xue Zhang can feel Sun Mi's body quivering.


"Just let me hug you for 5 minutes. Do you feel better now?" asked Xue Zhang.


"I feel safe now that you are here," replied Sun Mi.


"The evening stars have just appeared. You can see them if you look up through the branches. Just let me hold you while you look up," said Xue Zhang.


One of his arms loosened, and pointed upwards. Before she could panic all over again he spoke, and his voice was gently authoritative. "See the stars, Sun Mi, Look."


The light from the stars glimmered down through the branches and the soft golden hues from the sunset bathed them in a gentle light.


"There is nothing to be afraid of. This is the most beautiful place on earth and I am with you. You are not going to fall. In a minute we will go down together, but not until you have stopped shaking. So look at the stars and let me hold you. Take long, deep breaths," said Xue Zhang.


Silence. Minutes passed. The tremors that were racking her body eased away. She didn't want to move ever again. Here is where she wants to be for the rest of her life, with Xue Zhang beside her.


But they have to go down.


"Okay, sweetheart, we have to go down now," Xue Zhang said at last, his mouth against her ear. "The only thing you are absolutely not to do is look down. Look at me or look at the sunset. Or twist so that all you can see is my shirt. But that's all you can look at and not anywhere else. Okay?"


Sun Mi nodded her head.


"Good girl," encouraged Xue Zhang.


"Okay, twist."


In one movement, he swings her round so that she was cradled against him.


"Put your hands on the branch. Don't look at it. Just feel it. Whatever you do, don't look down. Swing your left leg down until it touches the branch beneath. I'm coming down too. Let your body stay against mine and your other foot will come too as we both lower ourselves. We'll end up on the next branch together and then we'll sit. Then, we will work on the next branch," Xue Zhang coaxed gently.


With Xue Zhang talking her through every inch of the way and Sun Mi's face hardly leaving the solid barrier of Xue Zhang's broad chest. Then she was on the lowest branch, and Xue Zhang swung down to the ground. He put his arms up and lifted her the final few feet. Her toes touched solid earth and she sagged with overwhelming relief. She would have fallen, but Xue Zhang still held her tight. When she opened her eyes again, all she saw was his chest.


"Thank you..." Sun Mi whispered in a voice that is still shaking.


And then Xue Zhang dropped a light kiss down onto her hair. He withdrew his one hand from her nape and the other from her back, then used both hands to hold her by her upper arms a foot away. There was a shake behind his voice that matched hers. "Okay now?"


Sun Mi nodded.



* * * * * * *


At Sun Mi's house, Xue Zhang warmed a glass of milk for Sun Mi as she was taking a shower.


"Drink this and go to bed immediately. You need your beauty sleep otherwise, you will have panda eyes when you host your morning program," Xue Zhang said lightly.


"Xue Zhang, thank you for everything. I have enjoyed myself very much today," said Sun Mi.


"I'm glad that you have enjoyed my surprise but Sun Mi, please, no more tree climbing," he warns. "I don't think my heart can take it."